Thursday, 21 April 2011

Spring with Percy

It's definitely spring now in the Lakes. There are advantages in having a late Easter. The daffodils are over but there are plenty of lambs roaring around in the fields. The ospreys are back and it's warm. Come up and see us if you can.

The Kelly exhibition is proving very popular and there are still a few left. (not many though) look for the ones without red dots on our web site. We have just got a new one of Newlands Valley for sale from a family member. It's astonishing how these Kellys just keep turning up. Working on his biography has given me a deeper insight into his life - if he had a day without painting or drawing he was unhappy and depressed.

We are open throughout Easter; - Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday and also The Wedding Day and Bank Holiday Monday. No street parties for us!

We have a new collection of pots from William Plumptre and the garden will be open if fine where we have some new sculpture by Daniel Clehane in Portland stone and a new bronze - New Dawn - which greets the sunrise every morning in memory of Penelope Van De Havre, a client and friend who died last November and gave it to us for the garden...

Let's hope the sun keeps on shining.