Monday, 4 April 2011

April Fools' Day

A small group gathered at 0630 Friday morning outside the gallery. Driving rain was hissing down. The Percy Kelly 50 Little Gems exhibition opened at 1030 and everything exploded. Telephone and mobiles were ringing, e mails flying into the computer and the gallery was milling with wet intrepid people. In the first 10 minutes we had sold 21 paintings. - and so it continued relentlessly. It was an exciting day.

I had an intimation at the packed viewing the evening before that it was going to be a success. There was an enthusiastic buzz of anticipation. After everyone had gone, a group of us relaxed over a glass or three and thought up a few April Fools pranks like going round and moving the paintings or numbers about. Even worse we considered putting red spots on every one or announcing that a London dealer had bought them all. But that would have been too cruel. Sanity prevailed.

After all the mad stampede had ended, a friend strolled calmly in and made her purchase. She liked them all and found it impossible after the viewing to decide which one to buy - so she let the field narrow which then made it easier to choose.

There are a few left, have a look at the web site to see which remain un-spotted. I also kept back the 4 illustrated here which are now available to the disappointed. Ring or e mail us for details.

The whole exhibition is here intact until May 2nd so come in and enjoy. We are open every Friday, Saturday and Monday 10.30 - 5.00 including Easter Bank Holidays and weddings. Come and experience some of the Percy magic.