Friday, 26 March 2010


My book, Hercules and the farmer's Wife,is now out in paperback. It can be found on Amazon and in Waterstones (3 for 2 offer) as well as independent bookshops.The hard back has sold well and this is my first paperback so it is exciting. It is a collection of stories giving a private view into the secret world behind the green baize door of an art gallery.There's the story of L S Lowry's fish and chip shop, my search for a transvestite postman, the man who was irresistible to women, a brain surgeon called Hercules, the mystery of the purple house, a cat called Fedden and much more.
I met the original Paperback Writer, Royston Ellis, in India some years ago. A Liverpudlian and friend of the Beatles, he was then living in Sri Lanka as a tax exile and researching a book on the Indian Railways. We spent several happy evenings over a curry and Kingfisher.
I don't think my paperback will give me the same Non-Dom option so I'm not planning on leaving the country - well, not permanently.
The first draft of the sequel is now ready to go apart from a visit to Chicago to fill in the final missing piece of the jigsaw. This is a mystery trip. I have no idea what I might uncover. It promises to be like a Sarah Paretsky detective novel at the moment. I'll keep you posted - if I live to write another blog!