Thursday, 25 March 2010


Hurrah! This is the best day so far since the floods last November. The barriers are down and the bridges in Cockermouth are open to traffic. The Main Street is still full of builders' vans but they have made a huge attempt to tidy up. Traffic is at last moving normally. Some of our unique businesses are back in their premises, up and running again. The ironmongers, real barber, second hand bookshop, Lily and Co just to mention a few as well as all those in temporary locations. In fact, if you don't look too closely you can almost pretend things are back to normal.
The disaster fund organised by The Community Foundation is now closed. The money had been distributed and used to good effect.
WE NOW NEED YOU! Our hotels, shops, pubs, restaurants, holiday rentals and attractions are ready to welcome you with open arms. We have had the worst winter ever recorded and we've survived. There are lambs, snowdrops and a hint of yellow daffodils which are understandably late this year. The fells and lakes are as inviting as ever. Those of us who survived the floods now need people to keep us afloat.
Wordsworth House (NT) has re-opened and we are encouraging people to walk the Main Street between our two beautiful old houses and see the progress that is being made. Wordsworth House where Dorothy and William Wordsworth spent most of their childhood was completed in 1745 and Castlegate House was built in 1739 as the Dower House to the Castle.
We are still quite a few bridges down though. I am hoping that the Ouse Bridge which comes between me and the gallery will be open by Easter. Divers have been working hard on the underwater damage.
We have a lovely exhibition opening this weekend. Marie Scott has produced an astonishing body of work full of life and colour.(see Marie will be in the gallery this Saturday. She is originally from Orkney but now lives near Edinburgh. You can come in and talk to her about the work. We are open Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays now which includes Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday. 10.30 - 5.00.