Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Poppies are out at Castlegate

Everything's early this year. We also appropriately have a splendid new Fedden oil called Orange Poppies 30 x 22 inches dated 1989. It is a particularly good one - a mad clash of vibrant reds and pinks. You may have seen it before - we sold it some years ago - and now it has come back on the market. Thereby hangs another story - but you will have to wait for the next book for that.

Mary Fedden is just coming up to her 96th birthday and sadly Altzheimers has affected her badly in the last few years - she no longer recognises me or anybody which is sad. I have known her since our days in Bristol in the seventies. She has now become a National Treasure and her work, particularly that done in the Eighties, is cherished.

The Patricia Sadler exhibition opened quietly and is moving slowly. This is nothing to do with the quality of work which is excellent but more to do with following the hectic four weeks of Percy Kelly frenzy. Patricia herself is modest and quiet but don't overlook her show. It is worth seeing and a refreshing contrast to the ebullient Kelly.