Wednesday, 16 February 2011


We'll be hanging the Curator's Choice exhibition next week and I am having a difficult time deciding what to choose being the curator of the title. Wonder who thought that one up then!
In 24 years I have seen thousands of paintings and hundreds of artists so it is hard to narrow it down. The Winifred Nicholson Lily of the valley at St Bees is very special. It is the Isle of man in the distance.
Of course I will include Percy Kelly possibly my favourite artist of all time and Sheila Fell who was born near by. Eliza andrewes was a great and beautiful elegant friend who died in 2009 and must be included and Karen Wallbank - now famous as The farmer's wife as well as The Bennetts (Michael and June) who have been with me from the very beginning - always loyal and supportive, and Marie Scott whose work has changed the course of my life and Mary Fedden a wonderful friend from my Bristol days and .......
Oh this is turning into a list. You will have to wait and see what goes up. Half the exhibition will be at Theatre by the Lake Keswick and the rest at Castlegate House. - only ten miles apart so you can get to both. It runs from 4th - 28th March in both venues. The theatre is open daily 9.00 - 9.00 and Castlegate House open Fridays Saturdays and Mondays. In addition we are opening extra days during the Literary Festival - 4 - 13th March. See our web site for details